TV FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I receive WLIO's digital station?

WLIO transmits on Channel 8, over the air, which is different from cable or dish channel 8.

WOHL transmits on Channel 35, over the air, which is different from cable or dish channel 8.

To view WLIO or WOHL "over the air" your television must be digital TV receiver. You may possibly need an antenna.

Are you on Satellite TV

We are on Dish Network, but only in SD. The reason we are not in HD is because Dish Network does not want to retransmit is in HD.

We are not on DirecTV, by their choice. We have offered WLIO and WOHL's signal to them starting in 2009, and they have refused to carry us.

Your satellite company is responsible for providing your LOCAL channels to you. When you purchase a satellite service, do not get talked into taking NBC, ANB, CBS, and Fox signals from another community. Also, we do not grant ANY waivers because your satellite company does not provide you with a local pickup antenna on your dish. They should provide this to you at no charge.


Are you on Cable TV?

WLIO and WOHL is on many cable companies in the area. If your cable company does not carry one of our stations, ask them to do so, or ask that they provide a way for you to view us. If they have some of our channels and not all of them, you need to contact them.

What are Sub Channels?

A digital TV station can transmit up to four subchannels. In WLIO's case, this is 8.2. For WOHL it's 35.2.

WLIO 8.1 is NBC Network. 8.2 is Fox. 35.1 is ABC. And 35.2 is CBS

Can I get WLIO's digital station on my old analog TV?

Yes and No. If you are connected to cable, the cable company decodes the digital for you. If you are on an antenna, you have to get a converter box.

If you don't want to purchase a digital television set, you can buy a desktop converter box. The converter box is connected to an outside antenna. It receives the digital signal over the air.

What about the FREE converter box?

Sorry, that program ended in 2010. You can still find converters for as cheap as $20.00 (you get what you pay for). But realistically, you can get a new digital TV for as little as $125.

Where can I buy a digital television?

You can find digital TVs all over the area. Again, you get what you pay for. If quality is not an issue, go for the $125 20" digital TV.

Frankly, you can get a nice 42" LCD HDTV for around $350-450. Make sure the set comes with a tuner, and also a decent warranty.

Plasma vs LCD - The big debate

This is a debate almost explosive as your favorite football team. There are pros and cons on each.

Plasma will be more expensive, but it does turn out a better picture. LCD is cheaper, and the picture is not as bright as plasma, but ask yourself. How good is good?

In my case a 37" LCD 16-9 Maganvox beat all others hands down. This set cost me $960. It had all the inputs I wanted for the cable box, antenna, VHS machine, DVD player, and my son's Playstation. The sound is good with the speakers that it comes with.

A plasma TV looks very good, but it will not look good if sun or light is in front of the screen. This means that if you place your screen on an east wall, and the sun comes in the west windows, you may have problems.

Bigger is not better. If you have a small living room, a 70" set will not look good. For myself, 37" of HD set looks good 10 feet from the set. When I get within 4 foot of it, it looks bad and I find myself having to look right and left just to see all the scenes.

Carefully notice the light level out of a TV or monitor. Some devices produce so much light, to counteract the daytime light, that the TV may be hard to watch in a dim bedroom or den. This is especially the case with plasma displays.

When you are shopping, think before buying. Make sure it will fit in your room, and it will be comfortable to view.

What about the sound?

What do you listen to? News shows, drama, sports? Buy your sound for the programs you view.

If you only watch the WLIO News Now and MSNBC, it's silly to pay for a large sound system. It will be more than you need, and more things to dust around when cleaning your home. On the other hand, if you watch shows like Law & Order, or NBC sports shows, then get 5.1 Surround Sound.

Since my wife and I don't like loud sound, we found a small system for our TV that allow us to listen in comfort.

However, if you like the roar of the crowd, and "feel" the bump and thump of explosions and bass, then buy a system with a minimum of 300-watts with large speakers.

Why is there a funny hollow sound on our DTV?

Many of the new digital televisions have "settings" to allow the viewer to alter the sound of the broadcast. We have received plenty of calls from viewers that say their audio is hollow, (like the sound is coming through a large pipe), and echo, and even no dialog with sound effects on the left and right.

In my opinion the DTV manufacturers did a disservice to the public and broadcasters by adding these options.

The settings are usually titled "enhanced", "concert", or some other cute name. If you are watching a broadcast, the only two settings you should select is stereo if you have only two speakers, or surround if you have a true 5.1 surround system. Selecting surround when you have only two speakers will give you an odd hollow sound.

When connecting up speakers, pay attention to polarity! If you swap the wires around, you can cancel the dialog or make the audio sound real funny.

WLIO does not modify the audio in any way, nor can we control what your set does. Audio control can only be controlled by the end user, the viewer.

You mention "over the air". What does this mean?

Transmissions from WLIO/WOHL are made over the air, as are most television broadcasts, (excluding pay and special services). Our transmissions are picked up by cable companies, and by Dish Network.

WLIO/WOHL has granted both Dish Network and DirecTV use of the WLIO-DT signal. If you are not getting them, it's because they either are not providing them, or they have turned us off. Contact them.

To pick up WLIO/WOHL, do I need an antenna?

YES! An outside antenna is recommended.

A VHF high-band antenna is all you need to pick up WLIO. To pick up WOHL you need a UHF antenna.

DO NOT get a booster thinking more is better! While boosters amplify the TV signal, it also amplifies noise, and other signals that interfere with DTV. You get better performance out of a decent antenna mounted above local obstructions, using good coax cable.

What about the cable from the antenna to the set?

You need "F" connectors on the ends of the cable.

One end screws into a balun, or transformer that is connected to the TV antenna. The other end goes into your TV.

In some cases you may wish to attach it to a splitter, and then have multiple outputs going to several televisions or FM radios. You can purchase the cable in specific lengths, or it can be cut from a spool at a home improvement store such as Lowes (item #131658), or Home Depot (SKU #278491).

The cable should be as short as possible between the antenna and the television set, and don't forget to install a ground block where the antenna wire enters your home. This is a precaution in case your antenna is struck by lightning.

Do I need a tower?

That depends. If you want the ability to see a lot of different signals from other cities, I highly suggest a tower.

A tower is available from various TV stores. I do recommend a Rohn Model 25 tower, however. Some of the cheaper ones rust out in just a few years. Also, don't forget the rotor.

If you just want to watch WLIO/WOHL, then a simple combo antenna pointed at us will work.

What can you get on an antenna on top of a tower? I get the two Lima stations, Bowling Green, Fort Wayne, and Toledo. All from a 35 foot tower and decent antenna.

What about my satellite dish system? It's digital.

Your digital satellite system may, or may not be able to receive DTV signals. You will have to check with your satellite provider.

If I subscribe to Cable TV, won't that solve reception problems?

Possibly, but there are no guarantees.

First of all, cable television systems do not have any mandatory carriage of digital broadcast stations. Under F.C.C. rules, cable companies are required to carry the analog signals of significantly viewed stations in the area. However, the rules don’t include digital, they don’t include HD broadcasts, and they don’t include sub channels of a digital station.

If you are not happy with the channel lineup on your cable system, contact your cable company.

Can you record WLIO-DT on a VCR?

Yes and no.

You can, if you convert the digital signal to an NTSC signal and then patch it into your VCR. Most converter boxes and the Hauppauge computer card have this feature. Some of the better digital TVs out have NTSC outputs for recording. Most don't. Since it is digital, there will likely be advances in technology where you will have a new generation of digital VCRs, or record direct to computer hard disc.

There are also some digital recording boxes, some of which are becoming very inexpensive. You need to look around and weigh the options.

Are you HDTV?

YES! WLIO transmits in HDTV all the time. Our specification is 720p with 5.1 surround.

When programs are in SD, and you are watching on an HD set, you'll see two blue bars on the left and right of the picture.

What about the audio program?

You will hear all programs as they are made available from our sources, in stereo, and surround sound.

We are not transmitting the World Radio Network on an SAP since digital television does not have an SAP channel.

All transmissions are in 5.1 Surround. If a show is stereo, we upmix to channels 1 and 2 of Surround to provide you with a Left and Right.

What are the technical parameters you are operating at?

WLIO is operating on Channel 8 with 27,500 watts of power, from 455 feet (center of radiation)

WOHL is operating on Channel 35 with 9,000 watts of power, from 525 feet.

Our tower located at 1424 Rice Avenue in Lima OH. Here is the data sheet.

If you can't see us in northwestern Ohio, check your antenna!

What happens when the set fails to capture signal?

In some TVs you will get a black or blue colored screen, which indicates no signal. If you are on the fringe, and the signal is just over the noise floor, the signal may freeze, or become pixilated as the decoder gets valid signal then looses signal.

How can I contact you?

Call, Monday through Friday, 8AM to 4PM, 419-228-8835

Or mail: 1424 Rice Avenue, Lima OH 45805

Program Transmission

All our stations transmit in 720p HDTV with 5.1 surround sound.

If you are not getting us in HD, please check your set, or contact your cable company or satellite provider. WLIO or WOHL does not provide "waivers" for satellite subscribers who are not provided HD by their provider.

If you need to talk to us about a technical issue, please call during regular business hours, or e-mail us via the contact link below. Please note, if you call the TV station during non-business hours, the engineer on duty may not be able to help you. If you are concerned about programming, please call 419-228-8835 extension 1017. If your concern is about news content or programs, please call 419-228-8835 extension 1023.